DSM provides several important programs and resources to give you more support for your health and wellness.

Horizon CareOnline — Telehealth

Chat with a doctor by phone or online, anytime and anywhere. The BCBS telehealth program is provided through Horizon CareOnline. If you are in a PPO plan, you pay a $5 copayment for medical and behavioral health visits. If you are enrolled in the CDHP, you will pay $0 for medical and behavioral health telemedicine visits regardless of whether you have met your deductible.

AIM Specialty Health Programs

DSM partners with BCBS and AIM Specialty Health to help you save money on out-of-pocket-costs for certain services, by assisting your health care providers. AIM can help your provider make informed decisions if you suffer from back and joint pain with interventional pain management and joint arthoscopy (hip, knee, back and shoulder), and select the right imaging providers or treatment for sleep disorders.

Horizon Care Navigator/Primary Nurse Program

Managing multiple chronic conditions can be tough. Horizon BCBS also provides professional support for managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causing many diseases and affecting the general health of smokers. DSM provides resources to help you quit the tobacco habit and stop smoking.

2nd.MD Second Medical Opinion Program

2nd.MD Second Medical Opinion Program

Receiving a second opinion from a specialist can help you learn more about your condition and give you confidence in your treatment plan.

RethinkCare Benefits

RethinkCare’s program provides families raising children with learning, social or behavior challenges, or developmental disabilities with valuable support and research-based resources. In addition, RethinkCare offers tools and resources to help manage your emotional wellbeing, relationships, and sleep.

Rx Savings Solutions

Rx Savings Solutions helps you and your family members save money on prescription drugs through their easy-to-use online service that shows you the lowest available prices and options, based on your prescription needs.


RethinkCare Benefits

RethinkCare provides two research-based, no-cost programs to provide you and your family support with a variety of behavioral and emotional health issues. RethinkCare can provide:

  • Mindfulness, yoga, and meditation training for adults looking to reduce anxiety and depression and improve their emotional health
  • Support for children with learning, social, or behavioral challenges, as well as developmental disabilies

You can access both of these benefits by logging into your Virgin Pulse account.

Support Managing Your Emotional Health

According to the National Institute of Public Health, studies suggest that focusing on the present can have a positive impact on health and well-being. Mindfulness-based treatments have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. There's also evidence that mindfulness can lower blood pressure and improve sleep. It may even help you cope with pain.

Learn to feel calm, build resilience, and live better than ever while improving your emotional wellbeing, relationships, and sleep through RethinkCare.

Webinars for Your Mental Health

RethinkCare offers you a series of webinars to help improve your mental health. Learn mindfulness techniques to minimize your stress, manage your emotions as a working parent, improve your sleep, and more!

Help Raising Children with Development & Behavioral Disabilities

Take advantage of live teleconsultation with skilled Board Certified Behavioral Experts (BCBAs) to answer questions and provide guidance as they support their children in reaching their top potential. Teleconsultations are available over the phone or via video chat, day or night, any day of the week. BCBAs hold advanced degrees and have many years of experience supporting parents with topics like:

  • Teaching new skills
  • Addressing problem behaviors at home
  • Troubleshooting lack of progress and collaborating with school and other providers
  • Coping with the stress of a new diagnosis or ongoing daily struggles at home

RethinkCare provides families with a variety of resources and support in a simple web-based format, including printable materials such as flashcards, worksheets, schedule templates, and token boards. You can also watch hundreds of videos from an expansive library of BCBAs and educators teaching children skills such as language, socialization, self-help, academics, and vocational skills.

Get Started

To learn more about this no-cost benefit, log on to your Virgin Pulse account.

Additional Resources

Internet Safety and Bullying Support Resources

RethinkCare offers you lessons to help teach your children internet safety and prevent bullying. You can take courses such as:

You can also direct your child to the Safe and Ethical Behavior section of the Social Emotional Learning module for content to teach them about bullying.

Note: You must register for RethinkCare in order to access these webinars.


Horizon CareOnline — Telehealth

DSM medical plan participants can contact the telehealth program for help with non-emergency medical issues, such as cold and flu symptoms, migraines, allergies, pinkeye, and stomach pain. Doctors can diagnose and treat many medical issues. In some states, telehealth doctors can even prescribe medication. In other states, the service is not available at this time. Any service restrictions will be noted at the time of your visit.

Horizon CareOnline offers access to behavioral health clinicians including psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers, who have experience in a range of conditions and situations, including anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, eating disorders, grief and stress. Services will be available for children age 10 and older. Behavioral health clinicians will be available via scheduled appointments seven days a week, between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET.

If you are in a PPO plan, you pay a $5 copayment for medical and behavioral health visits. If you are enrolled in the CDHP, you will pay $0 for medical and behavioral health telemedicine visits regardless of whether you have met your deductible. Your cost will be displayed on the screen, and you can pay with a credit card prior to your visit. If in-person follow-up care is recommended, the telehealth doctor can help you identify providers based on their proximity to you, but please note that you are responsible for checking to see if they are in-network with BCBS as the telehealth program partners with many health care providers. Before seeking care, go to Horizon CareOnline to locate a network provider.


2nd.MD Second Medical Opinion Program

Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition can be a life-changing experience. Available to you and your covered dependents if enrolled in a Horizon BCBS Medical plan, 2nd.MD provides access to a remote second opinion for a diagnosed condition with a nationally recognized expert in that condition.

Visit 2nd.MD website or call 1-866-887-0711 to learn more.

Watch Videos or Join a Webinar!

2nd.MD provides you videos and webinars to help you navigate your health and lifestyle. Here are just some of the resources 2nd.MD offers:


Diagnostic Imaging

Costs for services, such as an MRI or CAT scan, can vary depending on where you go. Sometimes the differences are significant. For example, the cost for an MRI can range anywhere from $300 to $3,000, but a higher price doesn’t necessarily guarantee higher quality. Since you share in the cost of services, AIM Specialty Health may help lower your costs.

If you are enrolled in a DSM medical plan and need a diagnostic imaging service, talk with your doctor about the AIM program. AIM will consult with your doctor’s office about your service. Once your doctor selects an imaging facility, you and AIM will be notified. AIM will contact you if there are good alternative providers based on cost and quality that you may want to consider. If you decide to use another provider, AIM will help you schedule your appointment with the new provider. There is no additional cost to you for this service.


Sleep Management

AIM Specialty Health’s sleep management program works with your doctor to coordinate care from diagnosis to treatment. If you need treatment for a sleep disorder, discuss the AIM program with your doctor. The program includes outpatient and home sleep testing and therapy. If you require sleep testing, your doctor will contact AIM Specialty Health, and depending on your medical condition, you may be asked to complete the sleep study in your home.

AIM provides support with:

  • Home sleep tests (HST)
  • In-lab sleep studies to record changes during sleep
  • Titration studies to determine the right air pressure you need to keep your airways open
  • Treatment orders for equipment and supplies

If you need continued treatment, AIM will review your care with your doctor quarterly to ensure that you are receiving appropriate care and services.


Musculoskeletal and Pain Management (MSK)

If you suffer from back and joint pain, AIM Specialty Health’s MSK program will work with your provider and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) to help with interventional pain management and joint arthroscopy (hip, knee, back and shoulder).

Horizon BCBS and AIM use a multifaceted approach to help ensure you and your family have access to appropriate, safe and affordable in-network specialty care in the areas of radiology, oncology, sleep studies and surgical procedures.


Horizon Care Navigator/Primary Nurse Program

Managing multiple chronic conditions can be tough. You can receive professional support to manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease. Horizon BCBS (Horizon Care Navigator/Primary Nurse) also provides assistance with severe and complex care needs, including cancer, high risk pregnancies/NICU care, transplants and infusion therapy. The program’s trained case managers are fully licensed health care professionals and registered nurses.

How to Participate:

  • DSM employees may be selected to participate in this incentive-based program, and if selected, would be contacted by Horizon BCBS. Spouses/DPs are also eligible.
  • The program is voluntary and offered at no additional cost to participants. A member can call today to speak with a personal nurse coach at 1-888-621-5894 option 2.

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Eliminate your surcharge!

At DSM, a tobacco user is defined as anyone that has used tobacco products including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, bidis, cigars, dip, e-cigarettes or vapes, hookah, cloves, pipe and snuff—regardless of frequency—within the past 6 months. DSM provides the following resources to help you quit the tobacco habit and stop smoking:

Horizon Tobacco Cessation Program

  • Horizon Tobacco Cessation Program offers a free, online Lifestyle Improvement Program for Smoking Cessation, powered by WebMD®. This interactive, personalized program, available through My Health Manager at Horizon BCBS, guides you through specific, practical tasks on a self-paced schedule. The program also includes easy-to-use tools to:
    • Track your progress, and customize your upcoming tasks to help you quit smoking
    • View smoking-cessation activities and easily navigate between different risk factor activities specific to you
  • Online message boards and a personalized goal planner also support your progress toward quitting.

Virgin Pulse’s Telephonic Coaching

  • Telephonic coaches provide tobacco cessation coaching in a convenient format. Morning, evening, and weekend appointments are available. Engaging with a health coach provides the support and accountability needed to reach your goals, reduce your risk of disease, and improve your health. Connect with a coach at Virgin Pulse.

Express Scripts

  • Express Scripts covers the cost of tobacco cessation medications (prescription and over-the-counter). Visit Express Scripts or call 1-866-851-0145 for more information

Delta Dental of North Carolina

  • Tobacco use is one of the most significant risk factors associated with gum disease, and it can lower the chances for successful treatment. Nearly all stages of gum disease are preventable, which is why it is important to take preventive action early. Get preventive and diagnostic care covered under the dental plans at no cost to you, with no deductible. Visit Delta Dental of North Carolina for more information.

If you and your spouse/DP enroll in a DSM medical plan, you will be required to attest to whether you and/or your spouse have used tobacco products in the past 6 months. If you complete the required tobacco cessation coaching sessions through Virgin Pulse, DSM’s wellness program partner, you can have the surcharge removed going forward whether or not you are successful in quitting smoking.


Rx Savings Solutions

Rx Savings Solutions is provided at no cost to you and your dependents when you enroll in a DSM Medical Plan. This program provides transparency into prescription costs and options. Once you register, you'll have access to:

  • An easy-to-use website and mobile app that finds lower-cost options for your prescriptions, based on a confidential, personalized dashboard
  • Step-by-step directions on how to take advantage of prescription drugs savings opportunities
  • Alerts sent directly to you when Rx Savings Solutions finds way to save you money

Click here to watch informational videos and learn more about using the program.