DSM continues to make an investment in you through physical wellness, safety, and your mental health while taking preventive measures by creating the opportunity to live healthier lifestyle and be a part of a healthier environment. Our goal is to encourage brighter lifestyles, improve overall productivity and decrease the costs of our health care programs, which saves both you and DSM money.

That’s why we offer you the Brighter Living Wellness Program administered by Virgin Pulse. This confidential program makes it easier and more rewarding to take care of your health — and it’s available to you and also your spouse/Domestic Partner (DP), if you enrolled them in our medical plan, and it is at no cost to you. The Brighter Living Wellness program provides a variety of opportunities to earn rewards for maximizing your healthy behaviors. Through participation in the program, you may be eligible to earn contributions towards a Health Savings Account (HSA), premium reductions (if in a DSM PPO medical plan), and cash towards items in the Virgin Pulse store, such as an Amazon Gift Card or even earn money that can be deposited directly into your personal bank account .

How it Works

The Brighter Living Wellness program is a points-based wellness program that allows you to identify and complete activities that interest you and help you achieve your personal goals. The program is designed to be holistic and customizable to you. Each activity in the program is assigned relative point values. Every time you complete an activity, the corresponding points are credited to your Virgin Pulse account.

Points are accumulated on a quarterly basis. Each quarter, you will start fresh with a new opportunity to maximize your rewards and will need to continue completing activities and challenges to earn points towards your goal. Outlined below are point thresholds for each rewardable level:

1 Quarter of Participation Points Needed Earned PulseCash Premium Credit (PPO) OR HSA Contribution (CDHP)*
Level 1 2,000 $5 $0
Level 2 5,000 $5 $0
Level 3 9,000 $10 $150 per quarter
Level 4 15,000 $30 $0
Quarterly Maximum 15,000 $50 $150
Annual Maximum $200 Up to $600 for employees and up to an additional $600 for spouses ($1,200 total)

*Premium credit or HSA Contribution (if a CDHP participant) are earned towards reducing your benefits costs in the following benefit plan year.

You can earn points all year long! For PPO plan participants, if you earn your incentive by December 13, 2020 your premium discount will be applied in your first payroll of the new plan year. However, if you finalize your activities between December 13 and December 31, 2020, you may not view your wellness credit until the second payroll in the new plan year. For CDHP participants, your earned wellness credit will be deposited in to your HSA account in January.

Visit Virgin Pulse or download and log into the Virgin Pulse app (available for iOS and Android) to get started. Additional information can be found on the Resources page, in the Wellness section.


The Brighter Living Wellness Program is currently available to all DSM benefits eligible employees, as well as their spouses/DP who are enrolled in a DSM medical plan.