Webinar Series to Help the Whole Family Navigate Our New Norm

We are experiencing change in every aspect of our lives all at once which can be very overwhelming. And, we know navigating our new normal will challenge our resilience.

DSM cares about your wellbeing and wants to support you in every way we can. One way we’re doing that is by sharing webinars from our providers like 2nd.MD. These on demand webinars provide helpful insights on how to gain balance back in your life and navigate these uncertain times. Note: some may require registration but, since they were pre-recorded, others are available to you immediately.


More Support!

Free Virtual Doctor Visits from the EAP

The EAP’s services are available to all DSM employees and members of their household, and now offers up to five free Teledoc virtual doctor visits. We encourage you to call 1-800-523-5668 or visit MagellanAscend.com to register for the service now, so you’re all set if you need it later. All virtual doctor visits are confidential and available 24/7.

Additional Telehealth Support from Your Medical Plan

DSM’s medical plan providers continue to offer flexible telehealth services for you and your covered dependents. For non-emergency medical appointments, contact Horizon Telehealth through Horizon Care Online at 1-877-716-5657 or visit DSM.HorizonCareOnline.com (code DSM).

Rethink can Help Meet Your Child’s Unique Needs

As many of us begin taking on the role of being a teacher, some of us will need special help addressing learning and behavioral challenges. That’s where Rethink comes in. Rethink’s research-based program provides support to families raising children with learning, social or behavior challenges, or developmental disabilities at NO COST. To get started or learn more call 1-800-714-9285 or visit rethinkbenefits.com/dsm (code DSM).