When life is stressing you out, Brighter Living Solutions at DSM can help. Turn to this confidential service at no cost, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for support with a wide range of personal issues, crises, and everyday concerns.

Resources to Fight Cyberbullying

Magellan Healthcare offers resources to help you support your children with tips on how to recognize the signs of bullying and intervene when necessary. These resources can help you identify when bullies use technology such as social media to cause harm. Here just some of the resources Magellan offers to help you learn more about recognizing if your child is being bullied or is bullying others:

Through the EAP, DSM can also provide will drafting assistance with special 30 minute consultations, help you find back up child and/or elder care, support managers in creating a safe and productive environment that employees enjoy, and help you and your family build your emotional and mental strength.

This employee assistance program (EAP), provided through Magellan Healthcare, provides confidential counseling to you or your family and household members who are dealing with:

  • Bereavement
  • Legal questions or concerns
  • Marital or family conflicts
  • Childcare and senior care
  • Financial problems
  • Alcohol/drug issues
  • Work-related issues
  • Stress/emotional issues

Through Brighter Living Solutions at DSM, you get free phone support, as well as referrals for in-person consultations with clinical, legal, and financial professionals. Remember, Brighter Living Solutions at DSM provides 5 free counseling sessions per event in a 12 month period to any member of your household at no cost to you.

To take advantage of this valuable benefit, visit Magellan Healthcare or call 1-800-523-5668.

Additional Support for You

Through Brighter Living Solutions at DSM you have access to:

  • Telephonic Coaching Service — you can talk with a professional coach by phone at a time and place convenient to you. Most calls last around 40 minutes and are unlimited!
  • Web-based Confidential Care — organized into interactive programs that address emotional health, depression, substance abuse, sleep problems and insomnia, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders.
  • Attorneys on legal matters and financial counselors — to consult on issues, such as budgeting, debt consolidation, loans and mortgage assistance.
  • Professional consultations with work-life specialists — to help you with child or adult care, relocation, pregnancy or adoption, and even daily living issues like home improvement or pet care.

To learn more, visit Magellan Healthcare or call 1-800-523-5668.

Webinar Series to Help the Whole Family
Magellan Healthcare webinars can help support you and your family. To access these webinars and more digital resources, you will need to create an account through Magellan Ascend. See the 2022 Magellan Webinar Schedule for upcoming DSM-hosted interactive webinars. You can also review this year's past webinars, including:

In addition, Magellan also offers interactive live webinars, on-demand webinars, newsletters, articles, and videos. These 2021 recorded sessions are available for you to view at any time: